Java jar and applet


I try to compile a page with embedded Java Applet into IE-application. I’v followed this guide: I’v enabled Build-In Server (Application Behavior/Built-in Server), configured at port 8080 .JAR file to be served with build-in server (Application Behavior/Content Filetypes). But when I start compiled ebook, It failed with Java Class Not Found Exception.

In java console clearly shows that http://localhost:8080/ throws 403 error (URL not found).

Even your offline example of Clock3D applet also throws same error.

I try to access jar and class files via http://heserver/, it also throws same error.


For next release, we’re working on a new approach for Java applets, because the current one doesn’t work with all applets and can be restricted by user firewalls.


We plan to buy a commercial license of htmlexe is there any beta release to support all JAR and applet



No beta release but the new version will be out very soon (this month).

Whether its support jar and applet

It’s our goal to maintain Java support, but the JVM has its specificity so we need to make more tests on different machines for our new workaround before telling you whether it will work or not.

We found the problem and fixed it in the incoming version 4.8.
Oracle has made execution of Java applets really difficult for obvious security reasons.
In order for Java applets to work in a compiled HTMLEXE publication, you’ll have to:

  • place your CLASS files into a JAR file with correct manifest
  • sign your JAR file with a valid certificate (fortunately the same as for code signing the EXE file can be used)
  • use the built-in server to serve JAR files to the JVM.
  • make sure end users have added the “http://localhost” to their “Exception Site List” Java setting. Otherwise, the applet won’t load.

Below we were able to run the clock3d sample with the latest JVM update (8 build 77).

What about self signed jar files, Whether its create any issues

Self signed JAR files won’t be run by the last JVM because they removed the Medium security setting. Now if you add your own certificate to the certificate trusted store list, then it should work.

Thank you, Now I wait for your 4.8 relese to test my application with applet.

Can I know the tentative date for 4.8 release, If I purchased new commercial license can I get the fixes immediately with in that purchase.

It will be released at the end of April if everything goes fine. We don’t publish pre-releases or Beta for HTMLEXE 4.8 so there will be no fix before the release date.

We have deadline to meet without applet support we can’t proceed further,
So kindly provide me a trial version of 4.8 to test and proceed further.


We are totally block in execution of Java applet and jar in our application,
So as soon as possible kindly provide the solution to proceed further.

We have no private nor trial build available yet, since we are still adding new features and enhancements.