New Version Program Released But User Still Seeing Old Version

I have recently released an updated version to my end user, but
the end user feedbacks his PC still shown old version.
I tested on my PC, it works fine.
What could be the cause?

Did you release the updated version with an new filename?
If no: How should the end user be able to distinguish between the two versions?
If yes (recommended): Let the end user check the updated filename on top of the frame of his padlock-coded excel window frame.

Of course new file name was given to the updated version.
The File name on the TOP frame of his new compiled file indicated name version but the contents doesn’t.
But when the new version installed on a PC never install previous version, it works fine.
Thanks for the advise.

Is your end user loading an XLSC file made with the previous version of the EXE?

No, XLSC file was disable.
They only allow to save to the original exe file.

Updates:- Solved by clearing the temp folder. Thanks.