Popup window from toolbar button

Beating myself to death over this. Seems there is still an issue (2012.1) with using javascript popup in toolbar.

window.open("http://heserver/notes.php", "_blank", "toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,top=50,left=5,width=600,height=400");

Works the first time app/page loads and then will not. Restarting app and wil work one more time.

I have tired many varirations of the above code and results are the same.

Having doubts it has anything to do with the version of chromium used.

Does anyone have a working solution?


And instead of blank, what about giving a name to your popup window?

Tried that. Same issue. Works the first time software app loads only. Any further clicks to button no longer work.

We’ll check that.

Any news on this issue? Seems like it has been forgotten.

Cannot use like it is. Even the general demo has issues like I have described (least on my end) using your example code:


I wish we could simply use _blank.

It’s still on our TODO list. Not forgotten.

Thanks for reply.