Progress Bar status changing

Hi I’m trying to show progress bar while php script is running and found the “SetUIProp(“jauge”, “Value”, “40”);” procedure, but it’s not working for me. I’m calling it as exo_runhescriptcom(“UserMain.SetUIProp|jauge|Value|40”);. Maybe there is a problem with progress bar ID? Could you help to get it works?

You can’t call SetUIProp directly. You need to make your own function first in HEScript, something like:

procedure SetProg(value: String);
SetUIProp("jauge", "Value", value);

You paste this code in UserMain script, and then you can call your function SetProg with:


Note that in ExeOutput 2, this will be easier. Something like:

exo_runhescriptblock("main.jauge.Value := 40;");

thx for your respond, but unfortunately I’ve tried that option before and got no result. Is the “jauge” porgress bar ID?

I have another question. I’m trying to generate some temporary file via php for next step rading and parsing that file content. How I can control in debuging mode is file generated or not? actualy when I running the script I don’t undertand the file is generated or not

Yes, it’s “jauge” the correct ID.
What about displaying in your HTML code the filename to the temporary file? Thus, you’ll see whether it is correctly created or not.

Ok, tnx for your answer. About progress bar, after several type of interactions I got the negative results and I create my own progresser. About generating file there were problem with non existed folder.

Another question. Is there any possibility to create the plugin type exe project. I mean ceate a general project exe file and after create some plugins wich I can additionaly add into existed program by instaling only plugins wich will use same classes from general project?

Please create a new thread if you change your topic.