Protected publication won't open at customer PC


My PC has recognized 3,2 G of RAM. Without application running, use of memory is about 1,2 G but after launching
[THE PUBLICATION] is using uo to 1,7 G for itself (after the " loading application, please wait" window) and after nothing, no error message, so no screenshot to send you. I have uninstalled Avast.
Have you an idea.
Thanks a lot




Thanks for your purchase and I’m sorry to read you’re having technical issues.

You certainly have more RAM than actually required by THE PUBLICATION, correct? Have you tried to re-start your computer as well and try to run THE PUBLICATION without any other application open at the same time?

Could you please also double-check if your AV program has “blacklisted” THE PUBLICATION somehow?

The issue you’re describing is new to me. Are there any screenshots you could send me?

Many thanks in advance!




After launching the program, I got the windows “loading application, please wait” and after an icon on the taksbar but not the registration window.
I had no error message.
My PC runs windows 10 family N version 1709. I disabled Avast, malwarebytes, spybot, ccleaner and windows firewall. I put Internet Explorer 11 version 11.334.16299.0
as default browser. No registration window.
Do you think that your team support could find something or if not could you refund please.

Best regards


Hi GDG Support,

I’m lost with my knowledge of fixing this. Could you please let me know what else I can suggest to my customer?

Many thanks!

Ask your customer to install this runtime on his computer: