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ich checked a normal file without macros at virustotal.
result virsutotal

Some customers report problems with their scanners…Can you please check that?
best regards

edit: with latest Version 2019.0

Did you code sign your EXE file? And do you have the names of your customers’ scanners?

no my EXE isn’t code signed…
Kaspersky and McAfee most

You should consider having a code signing certificate. We’ll perform more tests with Kaspersky and McAfee because nobody else reported a similar problem recently.

Hello gdgsupport team,

I have problems with Kaspersky again.
adding the file to the exceptions doesn’t help either.


Use this link to upload your EXE file and report the false positive to Kaspersky. They will whitelist your EXE file:

Hello gdgsupport support,

thanks. already done.

is this error message from xls padlock?

regards Frank


It means the workbook could not be opened by Excel. Try the Document Inspector feature of Excel or try this option in XLS Padlock:

Hello gdgsupport-team,

none of the suggestions above have solved the problem,

more options?
regards Frank

Can you send us your EXE and XPLP files? If yes, you can zip them and upload them to

This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL so that we can download the Zip archive.

hi gdgsupport-team,

it’s a empty excel file (without formulas and without macros).
KAV Version screen and error screenshot also uploaded.

regards Frank


hello, gdgsupport-team,

did you receive the files? any news?

regards Frank

Yes, we got the file. Thank you.
Have you checked with XLS Padlock 2019.1 ?

yes, i use the latest Version 2019.1

That’s strange because the file seems to be built with XLS Padlock 2019.0.

i’ve been using 2019.1 since the release.
scr  xls padlock version

i continued to troubleshoot….
kaspersky support contacted --> error message is not from KAV
tried same file with windows 10 and excel 2010 --> no error message appears / described error message is with excel 2013 (32 bit latest build) also win 10.

regards Frank

Have you recently upgraded your KAV? Because there was a known similar problem with a recent update from them?

kaspersky is constantly updated in the background (databases and modules), KAV support told me that the error message does not come from KAV.

issue is also with xlspadlock 2020.0