Server activation error - Please fast


My cutomer try to activate my EXE file and get this error:


windows 7 and this is the excel version

when I try to activate the same file it works.

Please fast, if possible.

Thank you !

Support, please help.

Thank you.

This error means that the EXE cannot reach the server of your customer. Maybe a firewall is blocking the outgoing connection? Anyway, there is nothing you can do on your side. Or give him an offline activation key.

how can he open the firewall blocking ?

What is the name of their firewall?

Ok, new customer right now gets the same error.

It is not possible that 2 customers gets the same error one after the other, and before that I never got this error…

Please tell me what to do…

Then, please double-check that your server is working. Maybe you can review the server log (if any), ask your customers for their IP address and see whether the log contains connection attempts.

I think I found a solution, so maybe it will help to others…

It works with one customer (i didnt try it with the second customer yet).

the problem is TLS 1.1/2 :

in the middle of the page there is a download button, after running this fix file and restart the computer, it works.

Is this fix makes sense to you ? i mean is the XLS padlock using TLS 1.1/2 ?

I will try it with the second customer and let you know.

Yes, that would make sense since TLS 1.0 (and even 1.1) is being dropped:

Maybe your server was recently configured to handle TLS 1.2 only?