"The Key is not valid. Cannot continue"


Please I need a fast solution, me and my customers get the Message “The Key is not valid. Cannot continue”, on all of my products.

I didnt change nothing in the last months, and it worked until today.

maybe woocomerce change somthing ? I tryed to rollback and downgrade woocommerce but still not working.

please I need a fast answer.

thank you !

We updated the online key generator to make it faster, but for some unknown reason, an extra space is added to the generated key.
To fix this issue on your server, edit this file (in the “activation” folder):

At line 176, replace:
$result = $body;
$result = trim($body);

We’re working on releasing an updated SDK to fix the problem.

I changed line 176, but, unfortunately the problem remains.

Then, your server may not be able to reach the server’s generator. Try our secondary key generator. In the same PHP file, go to line 57 and replace it with:

private static $keygen_url = "https://www.xlspadlock.com/cgi-bin/XLSPlKeyGen.exe";

Perfect, it’s working !!

why is my server suddenly cant reach your server’s ? is it because my server or yours ?

Thank you for fast and efficient customer service !

Yes, we changed our server but no other problem was reported so far. We’ll check the logs.

I had the same problem a couple of years ago and it has been solved by changing the line 57.
Now the problem rised up again and i do not know how to solve it.
Do you have some suggestion?

Probably the solution to your problem lies here: