Updating Compiled excel


I would like to know if it’s possible to update a compiled excel (exe file).

Let’s say I compile an excel file and give it to a customer. He uses the exe file and saves data in the external files.

I then update the excel file, add a new formula or update an existing forumla, compile it again and send it to the customer. Is he able to use the new exe file with his old saved data?

I tried to reproduce this, but it did not work and when choosing the old saved file the compiled exe told me that the file was not compatible.

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No, the old saved workbook will be loaded instead of the new one if you run the new EXE. The entire workbook is saved as an encrypted file, not only the data.
If you want to achieve that, you’ll have to do it with VBA code. Save the values of some cells in an external file and reload them later.

Thank you. We created an import and export VBA and it works fine with different compiled versions.