WooCommerce support coming soon

XLS Padlock 2.6 will come with a new activation kit with WooCommerce integration. Here is a screenshot:

As you can see, system IDs are stored in each order in additional fields. You can then decide to allow more activations, deactivate existing copies and see how many copies have been activated. Finally, it’s possible to block a user if he asks for a refund for instance.

A tutorial will also be published in addition to a working online WooCommerce shop demo.


First let me say that I’m loving what I see !!

If I may add a few things in my opinion (forgive me if this has been included inside)

  1. I want to give a choose to the buyer to select between USB or Downloadable workbook so the system must distinguish between the two (as you know USB stick dont need the all System-id procedure).

  2. Enable to add order that which has not gone through WooCommerce checkout, because maybe the buyer met me and pay me cash or I want to give it to my “uncle” for free…

  3. whan the buyer gets an email after he purched, if he purched 5 of workbook X and 3 of workbook Y the system must distinguish between the two, and display (in the “WooCommerce kit”) what and how many was activated.

Thank you !

For the first version, we wanted to keep things simple. After that, the new WooCommerce Integration Kit is flexible and it comes with full PHP source code: it’s always possible to modify the PHP code we provide in order to implement more features or checks according to your needs.

Now available in XLS Padlock 3! Enjoy!