2023 Beta: Cannot code sign software

Trying to code sign a test software. I am 110% positive my certificate / pass are good, using it in exeout and microsoft apps without issues.

I have checked in task manager and mypage.exe is not running.

When trying to sign get this:

Been 7 days and no response? I was under the impression that you were looking for people to test your beta version?

Yes, thank you for your reports as usual.
Not responding does not mean we did not read it but sometimes we have no evident solution to share.
In your case, is Windows Explorer opened and in the directory where the EXE file is created?

Happens randomly now, even with existing project. I am using HTMLExe just as I would EXEOut. All my files are stored a dedicated hard drive or in the users\public\public documents.

Does not matter where exe is stored, having issues. No one else having the issue must be my end/computer.

Sometimes, it can be Windows Explorer the culprit: it tries to refresh its display when the EXE is timestamped and blocks access to the EXE file.

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