2023 BETA testing

Tested the Online Activation Kit, using PHP 8.2.7. Got Server Error 500.

Changed PHP version on my test site to 7.2.34 (outdated), and activation worked (no server error).

I am guessing that the Online Activation Kit needs to be updated for latest PHP version 8.

Any way to update this in the Online Activation Kit file (s) manually?


I regret to inform you that the Online Activation Kit is currently not compatible with PHP 8. The reason for this is that one of the components we use, Flourishlib, is no longer supported by its author and has not been updated to work with PHP 8.
However, we are aware of the importance of compatibility with the latest technologies and are working on a major overhaul of the Online Activation Kit for HTML Executable. This revamp involves replacing the outdated flourishlib with the widely used library called Laravel.

Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to manually update the kit to be compatible with PHP 8 without doing this extensive overhaul. While we don’t have a definitive timeline for this upgrade, please rest assured it’s one of our top priorities once HTML Executable 2023 is out.

Could you inform please when we should expect at least Beta 2?

At the end of this month, with the new HE activation kit based on Laravel and working on latest PHP versions, finalized documentation and new samples.


Where can we get it?

The kit is finalized and we are working on its documentation. 2023 Beta will be out next week if everything goes fine as we expect.


Did it go as fine?

Any update?

The development team has finished addressing and correcting all the issues. We are currently updating the installer and conducting our internal tests, which have highlighted a few last-minute minor issues, hence the slight delay. It should be just a matter of days now.

Good news!
The last Beta is finally published. Looking forward to your feedback and thank you for your long patience!

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Wonderful! Will begin testing.

Would also like to test the new Online Activation Kit compatible with the latest PHP versions, when available.

Please advise when and where the new Online Activation Kit (with instructions for use) is available.

Much thanks.

Best Wishes,

There is a new update for the Beta 2 called Beta 2B. For end users with Beta 2, please upgrade to Beta 2B. All bugs reported were fixed in this Beta.
The HEAK is also ready for testing, we had to finalize the installer.

Please provide the new HEAK (and supporting documents) download link so I can test it.

Thank you.


Yes, please provide link.

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The link to the HEAK was sent to you by Private Mail on this forum. Thank you.

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Thank you! :smiley:

Please provide link :face_exhaling:

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Could you please provide the link to HEAK?

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You should have received a PM with the download link to the new HEAK.
Thank you.

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Thanks! Is there any way to add a new client to database via API, not via web interface?