5 question from user of trial version

I have your trial version and have some questions:

  1. Can this run on terminal server or does it need to run on a single PC if I have it hardware locked?
  2. If the customer’s PC is damaged or replaced for any reason what is the procedure for re-activating the program on the replacement pc?
  3. When a customer sends their PC ID do I simply open up any excel file to get XLS Padlock to open and create an activation code or do I have to open up the original file?
  4. If the customer specifies a laptop am I right in assuming they could simply start using the software for other users by saving multiple versions of my file?
  5. If my Excel files have sheets which need to be copied to a blank spreadsheet to be imported into MYOB (e.g. Budgeted Profit and Loss and sales account balances) how do I configure the settings.? e.g. Is this still possible if I have ticked “ Do not allow loading/saving other workbooks” and disabled “cell copy and cut to clipboard”?
  1. It must be run locally, so it is more meant for single PCs.
  2. You distribute a new activation key to your users, or you remove one of the activation IDs from the customer’s record, so that they can reactivate. We have plans to provide a deactivation facility in the future.
  3. You can use our stand-alone key generator to generate keys without having to start Excel, XLS Padlock…, or even use the automated scripts in PHP that we provide for free.
  4. No, if you send your user a hardware-locked activation key, the EXE will only work on one PC. If your users share the EXE with someone else, the EXE won’t open because the activation key will be deemed invalid.
  5. If you tick “ Do not allow loading/saving other workbooks”, no other workbook will be loaded nor saved. Unless you configure XLS Padlock to temporarily allow it (thanks to VBA, it’s explained with samples in our user guide).