A little friendly advice (help) on restricted publications

As in the heading. I’m doing something wrong and I can’t get my head around the terminology of the help files.

What I want to do is create a publication which is hardware locked BUT in which some of the pages are viewable. I thought that I had this sorted , but all I succeeded in doing was releasing a totally open publication.

Can anyone take me though this one step at a time, please?

Are these pages displayed in popup windows or the main window?

No it’s just the normal ebook. My problem is I don’t really understand the terminology used in the help files.

I have about 100 pages in the root directory that make up the main ebook. I would like to make (for example) the first 20 open access without registration and the remainder after registration only.

This video tutorial should be useful:

[quote=“gdgsupport”]This video tutorial should be useful:

Extremely useful. I would never have sussed it out on my own!