Accessing exeoutput application api

Hello i have created exeoutput application but i want it to be accessed by mobile users as client using my app apis

That’s not possible yet, because the internal server isn’t accessible externally (to prevent access to internal resources).

Ok i saw one of the post explain on php socket can you clarify it on how to use it with exeoutput

For socket server, here is a start:

When will this feature be included… most of the PHP apps need to be shared over network in multiple usability.

It’s still on our TODO list. But we are studying the best way to offer it. Should it be a stand-alone server app or integrated into PHP GUI apps?

Thats a good news… we suggest it becomes a stand alone server apps which will contain all the logic (the php files)… and on the other hand we have exeoutput client apps where by a user from the client side having being supplied with probably server IP Adress… will be able to access the server App via exeouput client only… so as to mimic the usual client server relationship…

On the concern for security for html… we can create a security where by when a user accesses the server via a normal browser and not using our client… the server authenticates them out…

We propose if whether you could integrate the existing apache with the existing exeoutput App… will definetly result to a standalone server… whereby a user will choose to compile with it or not… and the user can perform the basic configuration like what port will the server be listening etc…

We are looking forward to here from you… we believe this is one of the great mile stones on your side… it will surely be a big move…

Gencode Team

Interesting to know. Stand-alone app is okay if it’s makes it available asap. Integration into PHP gui makes it All in One and nice.

Give us this option anyways, at least that’s something to start with.

We can’t wait… :slight_smile:


I was wondering if there is any progress on this item? It is very very interesting.

My idea is: Make the website stand-alone accesseble in the browser on a different port then 80. like: