Accessing webpages created after application start


I’m trying to run Yii based application in ExeOutput and faced a problem connected to its concept of assest.
Generally js/css files in Yii are stored in protected folder not accessible from web. When they need to be included on some page, they are copied to other folder and url to that new location is included to the page.

However this does not worked in ExeOutput - files are correctly copied to new location, but browser engine is not able to access them (it return 404 error - file not exists).

Is there a way to make it work?

In ExeOutput, JS and CSS files remain compiled and not accessible by the end user. They can be accessed from their normal folder. Maybe you have some setting in Yii that disables the behavior you described?

So if I create new JS/CSS file in application, it cannot be accessed from browser engine by virtual path?

No, you can still access JS/CSS files created by application but with a different way: use a PHP script to transfer your JS/CSS content and set the correct MIME/TYPE with headers.
We have a working sample in the General Demo that ships with ExeOutput: it generates a PNG image on the fly and send it to the browser engine with PHP script and correct headers.