Advice on Server2go Changes


As a classroom project we are developing our own “WAMP Stack”. Matter of fact works great and uses node webkit as the browser engine. Very similar to how Server2Go works as we created a exe file that starts apache, php and mysql then the webkit exe (browser) file.

After giving it some thought, the classroom decided to make our version work with EXEOut pretty much same way as your mysqlserver2go example.

I know the PDF manual in your tutorial touches on setup but no so in-depth can understand:

$mysqlport = getenv(‘S2G_MYSQL_PORT’);


<?php $apacheport = getenv('S2G_APACHE_PORT'); To make our portable server interface with EXEOut, could you give me little insight where getenv('S2G_MYSQL_PORT') and getenv('S2G_APACHE_PORT') is looking to find the ports? Be happy to share with community once (if) we get it working. Since server2go is now defunk and using old version of apache, php and mysql, time to replace:) The server2go site has been showing 403 error for about a year now. See no hope in it ever being updated. Thanks and look forward to your input.

The S2G_MYSQL_PORT environment variable and the other one are set up by Server2go itself. getenv reads them. It’s a PHP function. It’s detailed in the PHP and Server2go manuals.

OK, thanks. The classroom has decided to use another route.