AJAX did not work using PHPExeOutput


Good day!

It’s my first time to use the PHPExeOutput to compile my PHP File into exefile. I follow the user guide, then when I run the exe file that I created, it was displayed the form and the javascript was working by testing the button for clear, it works fine. then when I tried to input in my textbox that has a onkeypress event that call the ajax code to check if the inserted data is valid or not. Sad to say it did not work… At first I think that I could not connect to the database, so for testing I check the connection and it works fine. It was connected. But when i tried to put an alert inside the AJAX. it was not alerted/displayed.

Any configuration I need to add?

I hope somebody can help me to fix this problem.

Thank you so much.

Are you using Chromium or Trident engine? Using an alert in AJAX call may be problematic: please study the general demo that ships with ExeOutput.