Antivirus thread warning

After using XLS Padlock to compile and hide the VBA code, at least two virusscanners give a thread warning.

Avast -> Drep
Total360 -> Trojan

What is the best way to deal with this?

There are hints about false positives from antivirus programs in the user guide.

Do you have these antivirus programs on your computers or did you use some online virus scanner website?

These two warnings are coming from antivirus scanner on the workstations of users testing our to be released software product.

VirusTotal gives detection ratio: 0 / 55, in other words, no virus.

OK. You can report these two false positives to the antivirus maker by submitting your EXE online here:


Total 360

They will then whitelist your program.

Another option is code signing the EXE file: this prevents false positives generally and is compliant with Windows SmartScreen feature. We have added the option to XLS Padlock, so signing EXE file is easy. But you need to buy a code signing certificate. If you want a discount for buying a certificate from one of our resellers, let us know.

I will report the false positives.
Do I have to do this for each time I create an executable with XLS Padlock?

Yes, I would like to see what offer/discount you have for a code signing certificate.

The false positives have been reported.

I have found an offer for a code signing certificate.

  • 1 year - EUR 100 / USD 108
  • 2 years - EUR 180 / USD 195
  • 3 years - EUR 260 / USD 282

Our partner at offers:

1 Year - $95.00/yr
2 Year - $87.50/yr
3 Year - $81.66/yr

And you can add a discount with our coupon code CPNHTMLEXE

If i have my compiled executable signed will it solve the anti virus warnings?

Yes, it really helps. But remember to disable your own antivirus when you build EXE files yourself. Or at least add the folder to the exception list.

I create exe files without excluding the folder in AVG. The program does create the file, but my client does get a virus alert (even after me code signing). Should turning off the scanner before compiling help?
Tx, Stijn.

Yes, as said above, it’s important. Some antivirus software upload suspicious EXE files to their “cloud” and that’s why your client may get a false positive. Remember that antivirus software dislike having EXE files appear from nowhere.