SOLVED Virus Scanner Detected Virus and Deleted EXE File

I have this problem just today.
I recompiled my Excel project file after some update into Exe file.
When executing the exe file, Norton Security reported SONAR.Heuristic.170 was found and deleted the file.
I scanned my Excel project file but no virus was reported.
Anyone facing the similar issues?


I have enabled the Macro in Excel and problem solved.
This should be the cause as I keep reinstalling MS Office to try to solve the other issues.

Thanks for the follow-up. If you have an anti-virus program, temporarily disable it when you build the EXE file with XLS Padlock. See this:

Any recommendation where to obtain a digital signed ID? Is it free?
The virus error message was back again.
This is happening when executing the compiled exe file.

A simple way to bypass this is only to exclude xlspadlock and the directory where the exe will be created from your antivirus.You should have a setting where you can setup the exclusion range for your realtime scanner.

You can also report the error to Symantec by submitting your EXE file to:

When a false positive occurs, we also contact antivirus companies. This generally can happen when we release an important update such as v2017.0. After some days, false positives become fixed.

There is no free code signing offer, except for open-source software.
Here is a cheap offer:

You can setup a free testing certificate…If you want to deploy it professionally you need to get signed one OR if you are Non profit orginization you can setup your own which will cost you nothing.Depend how professional your image are and if you are a non profit organzation or small company.

would you be able to share how to setup a my own which will cost nothing? or is there a web site can guide me thru?

Derick highly technical and its a process and a half…do you want to test or do you want to use on live environment with customers.Depends if you ony want to test

If setup successfully, I would like to use on live environment with customers. Thanks.

Have a look at this