Any way to remove or change 'Original Workbook' on the Menu?

Is there a way not to show ‘Original Workbook’ on the Welcome Menu?
(or maybe change it’s text to something else?)

We don’t use an original workbook, our clients select from our pre-made .xlsc files, and we cannot use an ‘original workbook’.

Our customers call us constantly about this but I found no way of changing it.

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Could you try the “Save changes automatically and load them without prompt next time” ? From the Security - Save Options menu.
You might have to see the “Original Workbook” option on the initial opening.


This loading screen has created so much confusion for my clients that I attempted to circumvent it, but to no avail. I attempted your suggestion, however realised their is a bug in XLSPadlock, that I am still waiting to be fixed.
When I release a new version, I can’t allow the users to load a saved file, as there is a risk it would overwrite modified formulas etc ( I have tried to implement the only save specified ranges but it crashed on compile because I [assume] the ranges I was specifying were too large) - I think this may be a similar problem to what you are experiencing in the other post we have been speaking on?

As a solution, I have coded export functionality, that, on exit, utomatically saves the data I know that needs importing into a “data file”, and then implemented code that on load, checks if it is an updated version of the app. If it is not a new version, then it automatically and successfully loads the last save file. If it detects that it is a new version of the application, then I tried to implement code to open a blank version of the app to then load the previously exported data file, however this load fails with an irretrievable RTE (see Unexpected Error while loading protected workbook when opening file via VBA).

I have no idea if this makes sense, but at the very leastm once XLS Padlock resolve this bug, then I will be able to ditch this awfully confusing load screen.


If you want to change this text, you can use the Localization feature of XLS Padlock and create your own .SIL file from the English.sil file for instance. See our documentation.
Your suggestion was anyway added to our TODO list (possibility to remove the “Original Workbook” choice and only Load…).