Background image or loading gif

I’ve been looking around the docs and forums trying to find a way to make this loading screen a little prettier.

I would like to add an image with a loading gif in the middle or something similar, rather than just being able to add/change the text, since it’s quite bland and not very intuitive for a user.

Currently I’m using the splash screen but it only lasts a few seconds and only covers the initial launch rather than the entire launch.

I was wondering if there is anything I can do about this currently?

I’ve found a potential solution to this problem but not 100% it’s a suitable one.

Going to this section

and changing this setting

When it’s set to index.html you can add a new file called index.html in your application root. Simply adding say a css background and animated gif, you can replace the please wait screen with a proper loading professional looking screen.

I also add a tiny snippet of js which will automatically redirect to the main site once it’s fully loaded, this is essentially just waiting. I’m using Laravel, so it takes a couple of seconds as I have the vendor folder in the application rather than in the data folder.

     * I'm not allowed script tags but this is all that's needed
     * When developing, you can just comment this out.
    window.location.href = '/public/index.php';

This script will just begin a redirect as soon as it loads then when everything is ready the redirect actually happens.

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