Backward Compatibility

I compiled my workbook into an XLS Padlock EXE (TEST1.EXE) and made a file (TEST1.xlsc). I then compiled a newer version of the workbook (TEST2.EXE) and tried to open the previous created .xlsc file - but it failed.

Can you advise what restrictions there are in an .xlsc file being opened by a compiled workbook that has changed? It would seem changes in the workbook design are causing this fail to open the (older) file - what changes cause this problem.

We want the client to be able to send us the .xlsc file so we can examine the work performed - but is it correct that we therefore need to retain an exact copy of the EXE sent out?

Regards Ken

To keep compatibility between workbooks, they must share some settings such as the Application GUID and secret key. Otherwise, anyone could open any save file from others, and it would be problematic.
If you copy your souce workbook file to another file (or just rename it), be sure to copy the XLS Padlock settings file too (workbook filename + extension + .XPLP).
And you can check whether XLS Padlock loads settings correctly by looking at the main window’s title: if it says “Unsaved project”, then default settings are used.

Thanks for that. I spent the weekend reading the PDF so I think I’m across things a little more now. Thanks for an excellent product btw.

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