Beta 3 PHP 5.6 + or PHP 7 Runtime Demo Version?

I am building a script that I want to run on people’s computers that requires at least PHP 5.6 but ideally PHP 7… I am actually a longtime owner of HTMLEXE and I just found EXEOutput for PHP . Is there a demo version of the Beta 3 that runs different versions of PHP that I can try with my code before I buy? The demo version on the website only has PHP 5.3 …

I was monkeying around with building a custom version of xampp and distributing it with my script, or getting it done on upwork, but that is going to suck!! Any help would be appreciated.

Can you help me out @gdgsupport ?? :confused:

ExeOutput for PHP 2 Beta 4 will be public so that everyone can download and test it. It will be released this week finally if everything goes as planned.
Beta 4 can run PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and the new 7.1.

Hey. Is there any option to built in php 5.5? or install it bymyself?

You can download the package for PHP 5.5 and ExeOutput 2.1 here
Then unpack the contents with 7-Zip to the ExeOutput installation folder. ExeOutput should detect PHP 5.5 automatically and show it in the PHP version selector.