Blank page / background color

I’ve been dealing with this for a couple of years, and still I haven’t found a solution.

When app is initializing, after loading dialog, a blank page is shown a few seconds. This looks unprofessional for me.

I need to avoid this blank page or at least set color to match my app color.

I’ve been looking in rendering engine backgroundcolor (I still don’t know what is this for);
I tried to edit theme in ui editor (backgrounds) with no luck.

Anyone has a solution for this?

Thank you


Same for me. Have attempted many times to solve this and no luck. Maybe @gdgsupport can provide solution. Glad you brought this up.

The CEF framework doesn’t give us an option to change that background. A workaround we are looking into is to temporarily load a dummy HTML page while the PHP engine finishes its work and returns data to display (which can take some seconds for complex projects with lots of PHP files).
It’s on the TODO list.

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Thumbs up! Hopefully if you can work it out, it will be a customizable HTML file. Maybe something that can be dropped into the main project directory?


Any progress on this? Know it has been a long, long time but still an issue…

But that’s already implemented. You can edit the error page in the “Dialog Boxes” page (Error message)

I am not sure I understand:

This is not about any error page.

If your project has a black page background, when starting up the compiled software briefly flashes a white background. Little tacky looking.

Yes, I now see the problem. It’s due to the loading of the CEF engine. Maybe we can set the initial color, I’ll have it checked.

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Any progress on this?

In the V2021 version, the background should be the same color as the window. Isn’t the case for you?