Blank screen on login laravel

I have a laravel project and I am not able to load my login page without internet, The first welcome screen load without any trouble but when i click on login button it does not show anything and shows a blank white page when my internet is not connected. Also it is only for login after login screen if internet is disconnected there is no problem in the system

with the same scenario (having no internet) my application works perfectly fine on xamp

Note : there is no external call that needs internet

It sounds like your app uses remote resources. If you have a firewall, maybe it blocks the access of the app to the Internet and prevents some internal script from working fine. XAMP uses your web browser which has normally direct access to the Internet contrary to an average app.

Firewall is turned off , there is nothing that connects to internet, if there was anything then my xamp application would not work while internet is not connected, it seems there is a problem in in exeoutput php.

Replied to your support ticket.

I do not have anything that connects to internet, had checked multiple times, The application is working fine without internet on xamp.