Bookmarks and Frames

Tech Support,

First off all, I really don’t consider this as a bug but more as an annoyance. I can duplicate this with the hehvdemo.exe but I can’t duplicate it with IE8 with my files. When selecting a page to load that was prevoiusly been saved, it destroys the frames that were setup when reloading the page from the favorites. It destroys the frame setup in the hehvdemo.exe at the top of the screen when selecting a favorite to load.

I have read the help documentation, as below;

*Publications or ebooks support managing user favorites (a.k.a. bookmarks). This is similar to the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Although there are no direct options to configure how the favorite manager should work, you can remove the Favorite Manager from your publication if you don’t want to use one: go to Application Settings => Visual Controls and set the NoFavorites property of the Menu Bar to True.*

I have also searched on the Internet and there appears to be issues with reloading bookmarks and frames.

I have played with frames before and thay have can have interesting results when trying to nest frames and I would rather turn off the favorites than have framesets in every file. Even if it were possible, it would be a support nightmare to make one change in x files.

My question, is this possible or would it have merit to include with HTML Exec?

  1. Add an option in the project file that could be selected when using frames.

1a. If not selected, no change in the way it works now.
1b. If selected, the file name gets passed to a function or procedure that would rebuild the frame structure and header, updated by the creator, as needed, and then load the passed filename. The same function or procedure could be called on startup to have only one place for the frameset.

I would expect that the unknown is when loading the file from the favorites, when is the frame destoyed? Worst case, that it would mess up the current frames structure by adding the same again.

Do you think this is a possible solution?

Thanks for the the consideration.

The problem is that HTML Viewer publications have some limitation about frames, so we can’t change the URL in a given frame. This is a known limitation.
The described procedure already exists in IE publications which do not suffer the same limitation, especially for the search engine: you can specify the frame name where pages are loaded when you click on links in search results.

If you are using frames, and you select a bookmarked page, the page will appear without your frame setup. I have come up with a solution that will rebuild the frameset and display the page as normal.

Pros: Runs only when selected from a bookmark or if the frame is missing. Only one place to build and maintain the frame.
Cons: Displays a quick flash when rebuilding the frame and displaying the page.

I needed this because I have some buttons on the banner page, in the top frame. This utilizes javascript and I know it can be done without it as well.

Hope this will help someone.


Great, thanks for sharing! It will be helpful for users with an IE publication.