BUG when saving excel data with template


When you make changes on your excel spreedsheet and apply saved template to it -the changes dont apply to it…I have discovered this today. I have a macro to hide all the sheets…when I compile it it does not work but its working in Excel but not compiled code. Can you please check

I can confirm you have a BUG!!! Please I cannot save data as soon as you apply activation it does not save…If activation is not chosen it saves how it should SAVE. NEED A VERY URGENT WORKING NEW RELEASE!!! This version IS BUGGY 2017.01

On a Button VBA form

Application.vissible =true
Call test

Sub test()

ShtsToHide = Array(“sheet2”, “sheet3”)
For Each ShtName In ShtsToHide
Worksheets(ShtName).Visible = False
Next ShtName

End Sub

Then it doesnt hide the sheets. Only on the compiled exe with Activation enabled. If I disable activation then the exe compiles and hide the sheets!. You have a DEFNITE bug on your template on activation

If I can give you my ONLY negative about this software then it comes to saving data with a template…1 word HORRIBLE no use you have a template and you cannot save an updated file!..old data gets saved you need to delete the xplp file and redo all your settings -buggy comes to mind -please fix this in a PROPER release that work please

Your problem is not clear, sorry. What do you mean by “template”? XLS Padlock templates? Excel template? And are you working on different Excel workbooks?

YOUR TEMPLATE…Save settings . I only have an excel sheet which I compile to exe


Check your activation on woocommerce store if activations are enabled then the settings dont get saved…the macro that hide sheets work ONLY if I deselect Activation

Check this function have the same problem now making appplication vissible -but I have troubleshoot it as soon as activation is enabled then it doesnt work…for a file that dont need activation it compiles and work fine.

Do you have teamviewer ??? I need urgent help with this please -thanks support

These templates are useful only if you want to export your settings to another protected workbook. Otherwise, XLS Padlock takes care of saving/loading your current settings itself. Since you said you are working with only one workbook, don’t use templates.
BTW templates don’t take care of the code that you could have moved to the VBA compiler, if you say that macros are not working.

May I please show you via teamviewer ? You will see firsthand what I am trying to show you then -as soon as Activations are enabled then the code dont work which seems a bit odd to me

Verify the option “Do not show loading screen”. That one caused you problems in the past.

Can you explain to me why does it work if activation is not selected…but when activation is selected it doesnt work ? What have changed ?

Its ticked…this is bug on your activation please check both visibility settings are fully supported but its odd if I disable activation it compiles fine. Also remember we are using a VBA Userform! application.vissible true/false

What is the correct way…if you update data to your file…when you compile it with the template the new data doesnt get saved. This is MAJOR BUG support you guys should fix this ASAP -the whole idea of a template is to apply the setings only BUT with the updated data. Currently every time a change on the sheet is done you must delete the template file and reapply all the settings from the start…This is not fine and buggy and it defeat the WHOLE point of having a template. That template dont help you if you make updates.

Your post is confusing. You’re mixing template, saves and sorry but it’s difficult to follow you.
First, enabling or disabling activation doesn’t modify the Excel workbook nor secure save files. So, it’s unlikely the reason behind your problem.
However, you said you imported a template: so, all settings in your current project were replaced by the settings from the template, including all application GUID and secret key. That means your new EXE won’t be able to open save files that were made with the old EXE version (before importing a template).
There is no point using templates if you only have one workbook.

Wrong thats where you wrong ! I have 1 workbook BUT with different data. Currently with your template if you save it it make a snapshot of all the data.Doesnt matter if I have new data all the old data get applied to it. Do you know how long this takes adding GUIDS secret keys just because your template function is totally screwed? Something you should defnitely look at because its one hell of a slep doing a thing that was suppose to be easy! I want you to understand how it work in my setup as you dont have a clue…Mine is 10 times more complicated than a simple markbook demo

What do you mean by “different data”? Do you mean your XLS Padlock settings or data in your workbook?

Once again, the template function works. When you import a template in XLS Padlock, settings are correctly imported, including App GUID and secret key. Maybe the function is not what you are expecting, but it’s not a bug of the software.

So one question: how do you keep different data into your workbook? When we say one workbook, we mean one workbook file. Do you have one workbook file or several versions of the same workbook in different XLSX files?

Different data I have 60 workbooks with different data -excel data

I have different workbooks with different data. My biggest pain is that the template is link to the dat file -so if I make one change a day that data dont get updated as the old data from the template gets applied. Keep in mind I have also allot of Windows Api’s so yes mine is complex x 10

Your template function is NOT ONLY SETTINGS -it also make a snapshot of the data and apply the data to it.

To give you an example a template in word or excel will have the core where the user must save as…Xlspadlock save settings and data - I was hoping the template function can ONLY save settings and UPDATE new data. But it dont -the old data gets applied and not the updated data -the only way to update new data is to redo all from scratch!!! Hope you see my PAIN now! I rate your software 9.7/10 BUT your template function 1/10

So you have 60 different workbook files? And 60 different XLS Padlock project files?

That’s where you are probably referring to workbook save files XLSC made by the EXE. Are you saying that you want the changes you make in your source workbook be automatically made to save files (XLSC)?

Templates of XLS Padlock are only for settings of XLS Padlock. They are not related to the Excel workbook’s data.

Ok thanks for explaining so for me to update data I must go delete the xlsc file on each edit ?