Build Secure Application: formula error


Anyone come across the following problem and managed to resolve without resorting to checking the box “Use Excel automation for formula protection” [Security/Formulas and Protection]?

In my example the table column does not appear in the stated table and to my knowledge, after checking all formulae in entire workbook there is no formula calling said table column. There are no INDIRECT calls to it either.

Is it possible to make the error message more meaningful and specific?


Quoting support:
To change the displayed texts, you can use the ‘Localisation’ option in XLS Padlock. By choosing a .SIL file, you can modify various values present within this file. The .SIL file format is a text-based format that can be edited using Notepad or a dedicated software.

Here are some examples:

TDataModule1.IDS_56=Storage file is corrupted. Cannot continue: please choose another file.~!@#$
TDataModule1.IDS_57=Restore operation has failed. Cannot continue: please choose another file.~!@#$

Hi Catalin :grinning:

No the problem is on the XLSPadlock compilation - not with any error message I want to give to an end user.

I want (or would like) the XLSPadlock error message being presented to me to be more informative about where it thinks I am using a formula referencing (directly or indirectly) an non existent table column. The formula would have failed at construct time if it were using a non existent table column and should have dynamically updated if such table column was subsequently changed. I don’t believe there is any indirect reference that might try and populate a formula with an invalid table column.

I don’t think the search facility in Excel looks in the Validation section so that is probably my last try.

I can get around the XLSPadlock compile by simply selecting the check box as described above. However trying to figure out if it is a real error on my part or a bug in XLSPadlock. XLSPadlock does say to use this checkbox if the build fails…


saving xlsce files using specific ranges mapped with padlock’s save cells does not work properly. It cannot handle table ranges, will always be different than mapped cells.
Custom restore values procedure is a must with tables, cannot use padlock tools.
Did that already.

Our internal Excel workbook engine sometimes can fail, it’s not your workbook probably. Next release of XLS Padlock will handle even more formulas and fix some minor issues. And you are right, you can use the Excel automation checkbox in case of issues. It’s just taking a bit longer…

Yes, I presumed it was probably an issue with the compile rather than the workbook as the workbook performs as expected.

It would be great if you could publish which formulae are not being handled even if at generic level (e.g. INDEX, INDIRECT). Assuming there will always be some formula not converted it would be very helpful if the error message could lead yo in the direction of which formulae it is having a problem with - even if that just indicates which sheet it is on.

I presume also that the error message is referring to a formulae it is having problems with from the Excel cell formula and not any formula defined within Visual Basics.

Thank you,

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Yes, added your request to our TODO list.