Button and input style not updated properly


I try to convert my web pages in to publication, but faced following issues,

  1. The buttons and input types style is not applied properly, it takes default window button and input style.

2, File upload is very slow for first instance only, which works fine in IE browser Environment.



What are your IE browser and Windows versions? Is CSS compiled inside the publication or available online?

Is the HTML code generated with a third-party program or handwritten?


We are using IE 11 with windows 7 professional edition, All css are compiled inside of our code, also all codes are hand written only,

The problem we are facing is all input and select tag uses windows style not by browser default styling.

Certainly a limitation of the webbrowser control, but I can’t tell you which one without the full sample code.


I fixed the input default style issue by adding some css for Inputs, But I am unable to find fix for File upload (i.e) File upload is very slow for first instance which works fine in IE browser environment.

Note: we are using html5 file tag for file upload.

We have no fix to give you for that upload slowness. We’ll investigate this issue.