Can xls padlock work for me

Hi there, before i proceed to buying the activation key for xls padlock. Please i had love to know the followings;

I have got a report in a workbook which I’ve just written and would like workbook to expire at a certain date. I came across xls padlock while searching online for how to make workbook expired after certain period of time. Please could you confirm that the software is able to do this function in excel 2013 or high version.

As most of the user of my work book will be working in a remote area where they won’t have access to internet, please can xls padlock function to it full capacity with out internet in locking the work book at a certain date as instructed and protecting my formulas

Can it also makes sure my workbook won’t work if copied to another computer other than the computer which it is installed.

Also do i have to pay for difference xls padlock subscription for multiple users. Says, if i have got five users in different locations, do i have to pay for five activation key or just one key is able to work for me irrespective of my user locations and numbers of the user I’ve got.

Will it do all the aforementioned above without internet

Is the subscription an annual subscription in which i have to be paying yearly.

Many thanks for your kind reply

Yes, our software can work in Excel 2013 up to Excel 2019.
Yes, our software can work offline, no Internet connection required by end users.
If you don’t want others to copy your secure workbook, you must use hardware-locked activation keys with XLS Padlock: it’s explained here:

No, you don’t have to pay licenses for your end users: you buy one license from us and you can sell an unlimited number of protected workbooks to your customers.

There is no subscription: once you purchased our software, the license belongs to you forever. Only updates (called maintenance) must be purchased with a discount after one year. But if you don’t purchase, you can still use all received versions forever.

Thanks for your reply. However, could u please tell me how my end-user can check for their system ID if i want to use the hardware lock. Is there any code i need to asked them to press on their computer to get their system ID. To enable me to setup the hardware lock. If there is, kindly share this in your reply.Many thanks

The system ID will be displayed automatically by the EXE when started for the first time:

If you don’t want to deal with system IDs, you can also take a look at automated online activation (which is as secure as hardware-locking):