Cant activate with woocommerce kit - please fast

I get this error “JSON ERROR: Syntax error”


I had this message in the past Error on activation kit - please fast

back then I roll to previuse Woocommerce version and its worked, know even if I roll to last version its not working.
Maybe the there is a problem with the XLS Padlock cloud ?

few days ago my customers activeted successfuly and I didnt tech anything

Please fast if you can

After hours of tests, the Woocomerce Kit has a bug on the “HttpClient.php” file on row 378 , I dont know why I have this error (i’m not a PHP programmer), but it checks if the JSON is valid and is not, the thing is that the JSON is valid I check it on this site:

I disabled the following code

Which WooCommerce version did you upgrade to?

Verstion 5.5.2

Well, we tested the last WooCommerce Integration Kit available with WooCommerce version 5.5.2 and WordPress 5.8. No error occurred. Looks like a problem with your local server.