Change DevTools Port

The Application Settings > Rendering Engine tab allows to turn on Developer Tools, and when the application starts, the chromium instance is started with arg --remote-debugging-port=9000 and devtools can be accessed at http://localhost:9000

My concern is this:

  • I have developed an app (let’s call it AppX) that make use of DevTools protocol to interact with cross-site cookies and perform some other steps. My JS code connects to a websocket on localhost:9000 and execute commands as specified in DevTools protocol.

  • Now, I want to develop a second app (let’s call it AppY) that also requires DevTools protocol.

  • BUT ExeOutput uses a fixed port 9000 for remote debugging, so this fails when I run both apps at the same time.

  • For Example, when I start AppX first, it takes up port 9000 for devtools.

  • While AppX is still running, I start AppY - but port 9000 is already in use by AppX. So AppY now cannot access devtools (because localhost:9000 still points to AppX’s devtools). AppX continues to function normally.

What I have tried:

  • For the AppY, I tried adding --remote-debugging-port=9001 in the AdditionalChromiumArgs field. That did not work, localhost:9001 still refuses to connect.

  • With the added --remote-debugging-port=9001 flag, it does not matter if I set Developer Tools checkbox to ON or OFF - I still can’t access localhost:9001

Suggested Fix:

  • Add a new setting called Remote Debugging Port or Developer Tools Port in the Rendering Engine tab. By default it can be set to 9000 but we should be able to change it to any other port (just like how we can change the MySQL port).

I hope I was able to clearly explain my issue, please provide a solution as soon as possible. Thanks!

Your feature request was added to our TODO list. Thank you!