Choosing between 64 bit and 32 bit exe's

I have compiled 2 exe’s. One that is 32bit (“CatalystQC_Assessor_32_Ver_0.25.exe”) and one that is 64 bit (“CatalystQC_Assessor_64_Ver_0.25.exe”).

I was wondering how I would configure Paquet Builder to install only the appropriate version (64bit or 32bit) depending on the customer’s system.

I need to install in documents directory e.g.:






You can use the %IS64OS% variable and do this:

In Destination Folder, enter %MYDESTPATH%

Select the following code, copy to clipboard and in PB, choose Paste Block as on the screenshot below.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
TCheckValInfoIf %IS64OS% = 1 then20%IS64OS%1EqualsTModVarInfoSet “%MYDESTPATH%” to this value "%MYDOCDIR%\CatalystQC\CatalystQC_Assessor_64_Ver_0.25.exe"10%MYDOCDIR%\CatalystQC\CatalystQC_Assessor_64_Ver_0.25.exe%MYDESTPATH%TCheckElseValInfoElse20TModVarInfoSet “%MYDESTPATH%” to this value "%MYDOCDIR%\CatalystQC\CatalystQC_Assessor_32_Ver_0.25.exe"10%MYDOCDIR%\CatalystQC\CatalystQC_Assessor_32_Ver_0.25.exe%MYDESTPATH%TEndValInfoEnd If20

This checks the bitness of the OS and set up the appropriate folder