Code sign: file PFX not anymore available by Comodo

Hello everybody,

I recently renewed my Sectigo (Comodo) Code Signing-certificate to sign the protected workbook created by XLS Padlock.

The new certificate is issued by Certum, but they don’t provide the PFX file, they provide a desktop application to sign the file.

So is it still possible to sign exe file created by XLS Padlock?

UPDATE: I solved the issue about the codesign by Comodo.

They don’t provide the PFX file anymore, because it is necessary a double authentication to sign a file, using a token generated by a mobile app.

So I sign the protected workbook using signtool.exe by Microsoft in the Windows prompt.

But now I have a new issue: when I release an updated version of the protected workbook, using the automatic webupdate feature by xls padlock, the new version downloaded doesn’t have a digital sign. So the updated file will alert the antivirus software.

Is there any solution about that?