Code sign: file PFX not anymore available by Comodo

Hello everybody,

I recently renewed my Sectigo (Comodo) Code Signing-certificate to sign the protected workbook created by XLS Padlock.

The new certificate is issued by Certum, but they don’t provide the PFX file, they provide a desktop application to sign the file.

So is it still possible to sign exe file created by XLS Padlock?

UPDATE: I solved the issue about the codesign by Comodo.

They don’t provide the PFX file anymore, because it is necessary a double authentication to sign a file, using a token generated by a mobile app.

So I sign the protected workbook using signtool.exe by Microsoft in the Windows prompt.

But now I have a new issue: when I release an updated version of the protected workbook, using the automatic webupdate feature by xls padlock, the new version downloaded doesn’t have a digital sign. So the updated file will alert the antivirus software.

Is there any solution about that?


Please try updating to XLS Padlock 2024.1. The updated code signing tool should also work with your new certificate.

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Ok, now it works using the option “Certificate Thumbprint” instead of “PFX file”.
Before signing, it’s necessary to activate the certificate using the token given by Mobile App.

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