Compilation error on Windows10

I have tested the latest 3.7 version of Paquet builder on the latest Windows version 10 (from MSDN website). Compilation fails:

d:\bin\mainscript.c(15): fatal error #1035: Cannot find #include-filen “pbcore.h”.

  • I have re-installed the latest version many times
  • I am an administrator
  • Paquet Builder is the only application installed on a fresh Windows 10
  • I am working with local drive only
  • I look at the mentioned bin folder and no mainscript.c is placed there at any time

This can be easily reproduced with the latest Windows version. I have also tested a year old version from Microsoft download site and same issue.

There was an issue with PB 3.7 on Windows 10 1804 (April 2018 Update). Make sure to upgrade to Paquet Builder 3.7.1 which includes a hot fix.