Compile & Full Build


What is the difference between compile and full build?

And do I have to unpack files to virtual memory in order to have them function correctly or better?

Thanks in advance

Build compile using previous precompiled pieces, full build flush caches and build from scratch everything.

Unpack to virtual memory unpack compiled data to folder Data (this is virtual folder), and you can use it like any other system folder, it is only accessible by your application, you cant see it in windows explorer.

No, you don’t have to unpack files to memory in all cases. Only if your compiled PHP application does not work fine or if PHP complains that it can’t find some file (in case of include, require, etc…)
In a majority of cases, ExeOutput detects that PHP requires files and manages everything itself.

Does unpacking files into virtual memory reduce security.

In otherwords, does it make the executable easier to reverse back to the source code?

It’s possible that a skilled cracker can extract PHP files from memory, but that’s why we provide the bcompiler functionality: you can turn your PHP code into machine bytecode and make things harder to understand since the format will be binary and not text.

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