Compiled EXE does not run - "excel exe file is missing at the system location below" error received

We have used XLS Padlock for a few years now and everything seems fine.

However, we have changed version to 2018.2 recently and while the EXEs produced work fine with most people’s PC/laptops, we have a user who experiences the error “excel exe file is missing at the system location below” when he tries to open the EXE.

He is not using the same laptop or Windows build as us as he is technically a third party but he is using 64 bit Windows 10 and Office 365. Even if we build a 32 bit version rather than the Universal build, it does not produce an error that we’d expect - this weird “excel.exe is missing” error pops up, We’ve tried compatibility etc in the hope that it might work but no success.

You should ask your user to repair their Office. That should fix the problem.

Thanks - I have done that, but what is the root cause of this? Is it simply the installation of Office into a non-default location that isn’t picked up by Environment Variables perhaps??

There is no specific cause for that problem. Could be a third-party software which modified registry entries or an incomplete Office update…

Thanks - looks like it was an issue with Office. :grinning: