Compiling fail while uncheck the "Activate Test Mode" box

When I use HE4.9.1 to compile application.
I can compile application with checking the “Activate Test Mode” box.
However while I uncheck the “Activate Test Mode” box, I can not compile application, the upper progress bar will stop at 67% everytime (more than 10 minutes).

please help.

Looks like you have problems with the new compression method. We received your bug report and it says;

Cannot create or open file. FileName = D:\AudioSystem\exe\02\AudioSystem_02-0.mp4.heec, mode = 65280, GetLastError = 3 - Native error: 10008

It’s a Windows error that means “The system cannot find the path specified.”

Make sure HTML EXE is allowed to write to the "D:\AudioSystem\exe\02\ " folder.