Compiling issues with Code Signing

The following applies to both XLS Padlock and Paquet Builder. Although I have become accustomed to this I wonder whether there is away to prevent it. When going through the compilation of either the XLS Padlock exe or generating the package there will be a series of request for the Code Signing password.
However without fail after the last signing the system will hang for a while - then go into its customary Not Responding (the infamous Microsoft Not Responding) mode and then about a minute or two later finally revert back to the application where I can check that it is indeed completed (or otherwise).


The “Not Responding” status you are experiencing during the compilation and packaging process is likely due to:

  • Timestamping Server Load: Both XLS Padlock and Paquet Builder rely on external timestamping servers when code signing. If these servers are experiencing high load or have some connectivity issues, it could cause delays in the signing process. This can occasionally lead to the “Not Responding” status, as the program is waiting for a response from the server.
  • Antivirus Scanning: When you’re compiling or creating a package, you’re essentially creating a new executable file. Many antivirus programs are designed to automatically scan new or modified executable files in real-time. This scanning process can use a significant amount of system resources, which could potentially cause delays or brief periods of unresponsiveness in other applications.

You could try changing the timestamping server you are using in the Paquet Builder environment settings, in case the current server is particularly slow or unreliable.

And for your antivirus software (if any), you may be able to add an exception for XLS Padlock and Paquet Builder. This could potentially reduce the impact of the antivirus scanning on these applications.

A scour of the sections in both XLSPadlock and Paquet builder didn’t locate the appropriate settings for the timestamping. Not sure I would know what to change them to even when found.

I suspect it is the connectivity issues then as generally the laptop goes in to overdrive when the antivirus runs and I tend to stop and wait until it is finished.