Component file is not being extracted

Hi All and @gdgsupport !

I’ve been at this all day and it’s time to ask for some help.

I’ve figured out how to determine what version of chrome is installed by using:

but then when I analyze the variable chromeVersion, I’m successful in setting the correct component variable based on its value. The IF/THEN statements are going the correct places and the variable components are mapping to 1 or true correctly.
Heck, even the installer says “Extracting chromedriver.exe” but it never places the correct version of chromedriver.exe from the correct component into the destination folder.

Here’s my initialization:

After File Extraction:

My main folder has these files which are extracting each time:

But the chrome89 component %VCOMP89% should be extracting since it’s being set to 1. Settings:

Here’s a Gif that shows it saying its extracting but not actually extracting:


I tentatively gave up on components working correctly and instead have all the files in “Main” folder with different names.
The installer dumps all the files and just renames the actual file needed based on file version found.


Have you checked the value of %chromeVersion%?
Just after Get major version?

Yes, I did a message box that said it was 89.

Should I have put quotes around 89, like “89” or ‘89’ ?


Do you have the project PBPX file for taking a look at the Component properties?

Sure! Where shall I send it or how shall I upload? Thanks! :grinning:

You can zip it and upload it to
This is a free file hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send us this URL with Private Message.

Understood. Here’s the link:


I retrieved the file and put it on our TODO list. Thanks!