Configure server domain to achieve separate local storage

I’m currently editing three HTML Exe projects, which all utilize a flash object to store notes. Even though the GUIDs of the applications are different, each projects sees the notes from all of the projects. That is, if I make a note in project 1 it is also seen in projects 2 and 3.

From what I gathered, the problem is that the flash objects accesses the local storage, which is shared because all HTMLExe applications run on the same domain, i.e., heserver. This results in the files being shared in C:\Users%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects\ZJUWPA4U\heserver.

Is it possible to alter the domain name that HTML Exe uses or at least use a subdomain, e.g., project1.heserver, project2.heserver, etc.?

Sadly, I do not have the source code of the flash file so I cannot modify it. However, the user wishes for the note functionality to remain the same as always, i.e., to use the old files.

Unfortunately, no, the heserver is built-in and its name cannot be customized… We added this matter on our TODO list.