Configuring new HEAK as Azure Linux (Nginx) App

Hi, Have been trying, for a while now, to get the new HEAK to work as an Azure Linux PHP 8.2 (Nginx engine) web app including My SQL database with no success.

Followed Microsoft tutorial for setting up a Laravel app + MySQL DB carefully, made configuration changes for example to change the startup directory from Laravel’s startup directory (wwwroot) to startup in the public directory (using an Nginx SSH terminal plus a startup script). Made sure that the Azure Laravel app’s environment variables match up with the HEAK .env file, and so forth.

By the way, if anyone would like to try the tutorial linked above, they can set up a free Azure account, follow the few tutorial steps. The HEAK can be deployed from a free GitHub account’s repository or directly uploaded by FTP (FileZilla). FTP credentials are found, once the app is set up, in the app’s deployment center of the Azure dashboard.

Have set up debugging logs which so far have not shed any light. Using Fire Fox developer tools shows errors like connection security HTTPS compromised by the HEAK calling to mixed content (HTTP to images), J Query not running before Liveware assets, etc. These unfortunately are not items I can fix since they are in the large HEAK package (11K+ files).

Checking the MySQL DB from MS Workbench, I can see that the HEAK startup wizard is working enough to construct and populate the DB tables.

While an SSL/HTTPS is applied in my Laravel app, I keep getting "not secure: mixed content (lock with red line, although if the SSL certificate is viewed in the security dialog, it is present).

The connection not secure HEAK wizard completes, but when I try to login to the HEAK dashboard, entering my email and password (that I had previously entered in the wizard), the dialog refreshes and entries are again blank, with no successful login.

Cannot get it working.

I wondered if anyone in the forum community had set up the new HEAK on an Azure Linux Laravel app and had suggestions to help me get the configuration correct. I suspect that in my attempts to get HEAK working on my Azure site that I am doing something wrong.

Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Livewire causing problems everywhere

I know you do not want to hear this nor is it a solution for your exact issue… but I have had terrible experience in the classroom with Azure Linux PHP 8.2 (Nginx engine), Many issues like you describe but with other Laravel setup / implementations.

I can turn right around and spin up a droplet at digital ocean (Apache) and solve most all my issues within a few minutes. If you look around, you can find $200 credit coupons to try digital ocean service.

I would personally give it a try with HEAK @ digital ocean, but I no longer have professional version of HTML Exe.

Might be worth a try to see if there is any difference for you.

Thank you kenenthgoeieman and oldteacher.

I am still trying, but so far no success.

I am using Azure because of the need for meeting healthcare privacy requirements (in the USA: HIPAA). Azure is HIPAA compliant. I looked at AWS which complies with HIPAA and uses Apache servers but was unable in a trial account, using AWS tutorials and set-up walk-through’s, to get very far.

In general, AWS is even more complex than Azure, less AWS tutorial support and learning materials.

Plus more than a year of time invested in setting up my Azure site, most of which is running well.

So, still trying to get it to work.

Thank you for your helpful feedback.

Best Wishes

Totally understood. Hope you get it figured out. Our school district dropped Azure as the mainstream last year and things are so much easier for us teachers :slight_smile:

In searching for a solution there is in Azure an option to utilize an Apache virtual machine (Ubuntu), PHP 8.2 with MySQL database (LAMP), instead of using Nginx.

Apache may be a better option to configure than Nginx, but setting up Laravel in Apache is still very complicated, so far, beyond my skill level.

Still need help, if anyone has experience setting up HEAK in Apache Ubuntu.

Good news! Hope this helps others in a similar situation (complicated configuring for HEAK on platforms like Azure, AWS, etc.).

A few days ago, a Laravel helper package called Laravel Forge was recommended through an email exchange with a Laravel architect based in Greece. He suggested Laravel Forge as a simple solution to setting up/configuring the HEAK which is a Laravel package. Since I need a specific privacy/security setup to meet USA HIPAA healthcare requirements, and Laravel Forge works on only one HIPAA-compliant platform, AWS, I tried Laravel Forge on AWS, and in less than 2 days, HEAK was successfully setup and fully running.

Hope this helps anyone else encountering platforms that create challenging setup and configuration for HEAK. Laravel Forge works on Digital Ocean and other non-HIPAA compliant platforms for those not needing this, but who still face platform-based setup challenges.

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