Connecting Webserver to .Exe

Hello, everyone,

How are you guys doing? Fine, hopefully.

I’ll start by describing what I have done already, and what want to accomplish:

I have a website, which is basically an admin panel, built using Laravel framework. What I want to do is create an .exe that can connect to my website, however, I want to store some private info using the exeoutput. To make it clear:

  • Some informations can be stored on my server;
  • Some informations I wish to store it locally, on the user’s PC.

Things I already tried (no success, since they work with HTTP protocol):

  • PHP cURL;
  • Ajax

The one thing I got some success was a < form> with action to “ghe://heserver”, it works when the page is shown by acessing my website from the .exe but I don’t want to rely on this “method”;

Any suggestion for my problem? Thanks in advance.

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ghe://heserver lets you point to compiled PHP scripts in the EXE, but if you want to point to your website, why not using http://yourwebsite in your form?
If you want to download some data from your website, and then display it in the EXE browser, cURL will work fine. Just create a compiled script that runs cURL (or even file_get_contents) to retrieve data from your website, and display the result in the browser.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Well, I want to get data stored in the .exe, not from my website, since I want to store sensitive information within the .exe. Let’s say I have a customer’s name and his credit card number. I won’t have problem storing the customer’s name on my website, but I intend to store his credit card number on the .exe, as a local info, which means, this data will only be acessible by connecting with the same PC. As I said earlier, my website runs with Laravel, I didn’t mention the version, which is 4.2, and requires PHP 5.4, so I can’t really compile it with ExeOutput right now (cheers to the upcoming new version!).

My initial idea about this stuff is: I’d do a request to the .exe, retrieving stuffs I need, and display it from my website.
I can do a post to “ghe:/heserver” only when I open my website from the .exe (if I do it from a normal browser, like Chrome or Firefox, it’s like the page don’t exist). Maybe I can simulate a post from PHP, using headers and stuff? I’ll keep looking for a solution to my needs.

You can’t exchange directly between external and internal pages due to security restrictions, but you could work with JavaScript and global variables. The JavaScript on your external pages could read global variables of your application. See global variables topic in our documentation.