Convert website with database to exe


I develop a website with database that require use to login in order to access the admin and students page.
I try to convert it to exe, its showing error, the use can’t login and any page that require some information from database didn’t work, except those page that didn’t have anything to do with database.


It’s possible that the connection with the database has failed. Did you check the PHP error log (enable it in PHP.INI)? Also turn debugging options on in ExeOutput.


Thanks for your concern.

I have turn it on, but it only show (php error)

Because the way I developed the website, if any client didn’t login once you visit the index or any page, it direct the user to login page first.

I didn’t know how to including the database of the website as I include the files(all the pages) now.

Glad to hear from u soon


Thanks I was able to do it finally but I still need to installed server in any system I want to install it on.


That’s why ExeOutput can add a portable MySQL server to your project. See steps here:


Can I make the URL of a site converted to some other format ??? I want to make the backend source code into some other format and make a separate database.


Well, you can download text with PHP, treat it the way you want and store it in a local database. It’s up to you.