Corrupted data received from application

I follow all the guide tutorial steps of the online activaction toolkit, and when I try to activate the workbook, it says:

Corrupted data received from application. Please retry and contact the support if the error persists

If I bypass the part of the maincontroller that throws this, I get “invalid activation key”.

In the config.ini file I have set up the things correctly, corresponding to the xlslock preferences when compiling



; ====== Modify the following parameters for your workbook ======
; ** Your XLS Padlock user ID – must begin with xps- **
xlspadlockuserid = “xps-939******” ;“xps-123456”

; ** Master key of your workbook **
; Set the Application Master Key, as defined in your XLS Padlock project. This master key is used to generate the activation key.
; It is strictly confidential: do not share it with anyone

xlspadlockmasterkey = “35CA3006BF6AC682901A638F6” ;“FE9958CACCA8E446178AB997D”

; ** Security private key of your workbook **
; Used to be sure that another application can’t use this online webapp to generate its keys.

xlspadlockpkey = “{11961FF0-A4EC-446C-91B0-947993E8D74A}” ;“{FE0F8E30-1E17-4E01-91BA-D0EED421C834}”

; ** Key parameters **

usehardwarelocking = 1

; ========================
; Do not modify below

You can’t have several values for xlspadlockmasterkey and xlspadlockpkey.
Only one value (one workbook per activation kit).

xlspadlockmasterkey = “35CA3006BF6AC682901A638F6”

I only have one value! If you look at the image, after the key is “;” which comments the rest of the line. So that is not the problem!!

Please send us your activation URL and we’ll test on our side to see what your server returns as answer. For privacy reasons, please send a PM.