Cortex xdr executable blocked

I have tried to open the sample file of the XLSpadlock website “Markbook-Demo-64.exe” on my computer and the antivirus “Cortex XDR” has blocked it indicating the following issue:
Malicious behavior detected “Rule bioc.syscall.pe_injection”
The same thing happens with the executables that I generate, but in this case this file belongs to the web page itself and has copyright

Is there any way that the executable is not blocked?

You can contact Cortex XDR support team like described here:

And report the false positive within their software.

The thing is that the program I am trying to run comes from your website, and the antivirus program “Cortex XDR” blocked opening your file.

Personally, I think it is your responsibility that at least your examples are designed so that they can overcome current antivirus programs.



We took a look at “Cortex XDR” and we did not find a form where to report the false positive.
We cannot control nor contest the decisions of some lonesome antivirus makers. Just compare with some other antivirus software, including big names in that industry, here:

67 antivirus over 69 consider the demo program file as safe. The EXE file is even digitally signed so we know who made the software and the company’s identity is embedded into the file and secured with cryptography. If Cortex XDR has a false positive, you can safely ignore it, and as a customer, you can ask them to fix their software like the other 67 antivirus software which work fine.