Couple of other issues with HTML Exec 4.71

  1. When opening, HTML Exec, in a non full screen state, maximizing the screen and then restoring, it leaves a white border around the screen. Opening any program and doing the same thing, will remove the white border. This is minor and a cosmetic issue.

  2. Sometimes, when minimizing the HTML Exec screen, there is lag time before it restores and on occasion, it will not restore at all. On a few occasions, if you click on the wrong button, in the taskbar, it opens a second occurance which is undesirable. I have had a couple of occasions where it wouldn’t restore, and you had to go to the task manager and kill it. This is more critical than the one above but is usable.

I was trying to get around it by not minimizing the window and moving it to another monitor or save the project file before minimizing. the window.

I am the only user writing the programs and I have 4.61 and 4.71 both installed. Currently 4.71 on the host machine and 4.61 in a virtual machine until I know they will work properly under 4.71, like the previous issue I had reported. I’m in the process of duplicating the source files, on the host using shared folders, so each are separated and won’t interfere with each other. My biggest issue, like most is juggling other projects as well, being the only Chief Cook and bottle washer persay.

Let me know if you have any questions on the above.


I tried to reproduce the two problems but without success. What is your Windows version?

I’m using Windows 7, SP1, x64 in all cases.

  1. The issue I had reported with the borders in full screen mode is hard to capture. However, I had forgotten about this issue in normal mode. I was able to capture it. There are two images in the file. Link:

I would assume, the full screen and the normal modes issues, above, are related.

  1. The second item is hit and miss, that’s why had i had said sometimes. I will try to do a screen recording to hopefully show what I’m running into. Naturally, the biggest concern is that the project file is not saved if I can’t restore the program to the screen.


{edited info above} FYI, also, in the editing window, the items show as #1 and #2. After posting, they show as both #1.

I uploaded a new file,, with 5 screen shots and a read_me.txt file. I was finally able to capture the white border around the whole screen, after minimizing from the full screen.

I could not duplicate the minimize to restore not working but at times, there seems to be an excessive lag time bestore the screen appears from being minimized.

Once and only once, the minimize button darkened and could no longer minimize, but closing the main window and reopening, restored full functionality.

Let me know if you have any questions, on the above?


I got your files and I’ll try to reproduce the problem. I guess this is related to the skin engine used in HE.

Actually, I think you are correct in assuming the skins may be causing the issue. l always turn the skinning off in my applications. After seeing your reply, it reminded me of another issue, which has to be connected to the skin engine. A screen shot, Menu_Bar_Corrupted.jpg, can be downloaded.

Sometimes, I use HTML Exec in full screen mode.

***This can be reproduced easily, at least on my end.***. The following, assumes HTML Exec opens in the default normal mode, non full screen.

  1. Run HTML Exec
  2. Click the Maximize button to Maximize the window
  3. Exit HTML Exec
  4. Re-Start HTML Exec
  5. Load a HEPX file and the menu bar should be corrupted - To fix, continue.
  6. Press the Restore button to have HTML Exec in normal window mode
  7. Click the Maximize button to Maximize the window - Full Screen and the menu bar is fixed.

If you close HTML Exec while Maximized, you will need to go through steps 4 - 7 to fix the corrupted menu bar.

If you can provide a non skinned HTML Exec EXE file, I’m willing to help test on my end to see if that eliminates the issues.


A custom build is ready for you if you are willing to test.
Please check your PM. Thank you!

I replied to your PM with the test results yesterday. The issue is not with HTML Exec but with AWM. It is causing the white borders when minimizing and restoring the main window and to be offset by 10px when expanding to the full screen mode. I am getting the screen shots and additional data to send to their Tech Support.

I apoligize for any inconvenience and will insure that no 3rd party program is causing any issues when reporting issues, going forward.


As I reported before, AWM, Actual Windows Manager, is currently causing an issue with HTML Executable. To verify, I tried to do the following, to see if AWM or another 3rd party program was causing an issue between the two.

On another physical machine, I completely reinstalled Windows 7 Pro, x64 and applied all the windows updates. The system was imaged at this time to restore as needed. I tried then to install HTML Executable 4.7.1 with an offline activation, but that failed because I’m out of activations. The reason I tried to activate it, I’m not 100% convinced that the trial dialog window was not interfering when opening HE in full screen mode with the fresh install of Windows.

Then I realized, I was comparing apples to oranges. It’s not the way that HTML Executable is opening or displaying, it’s the resulting EXE’s that have the bigger priority and more concern for our end users.

The ZIP file,, can be downloaded from here,, which contains the following files to show there is definitely an issue with the compiled EXE’s.

Test_IE_Pub.exe - Test EXE
CleanUp_Test_IE_Pub.exe and dat - Reset the EXE when testing in full screen mode.

The EXE consists of one source file, the index.htm file.

My tests include the development machine with Windows 7 Pro, x64, fully patched along with IE 9. The newly installed machine is the same except it has IE 11 with virtually no 3rd party software installed, especially AWM. The results are identical. I would assume, the results will be reproducible on any machine that the test EXE is ran.

To test, unzip the files to any folder and run the EXE. Full instructions is displayed when running the EXE. Basically, all you need to do is maximize the window after running the EXE the first time and then close the EXE. Rerun the EXE to see the results. The window will open up in window mode but overlaps the current monitor. You can easily see this if you have multiple monitors.

Two other concerns encountered when testing the Test_IE_Pub.exe.

  1. If you have the “Auto-Hide the Taskbar” disabled, the window will open to full screen correctly. After closing and rerunning the EXE, it will resize under the taskbar and the buttons will not be seen or obtainable. Also, you will notice the window is not all the way to bottom of the screen. However, if you try to resize from the right border, the window will reset it self correctly so you can now see the buttons. You can also right click the taskbar button of the EXE to close or enable the “Auto-Hide the Taskbar” to view and click on the buttons.

  2. Also, when running the CleanUp_Test_IE_Pub.exe utility, it does not reset the EXE to open in windowed mode. There is no JavaScript and/or variables used in the test EXE.

I would like to know if others see what I’m seeing with this test. For some reason, if this can’t be reproduced, as I stated, I will then ask Support for the compiling process, as what files are included that could cause these issues.

If anyone has any questions and/or concerns, on the above, please respond.

Thank you for reading this,

Edited to include the following.

I reinstalled the HE 4.7.1 trial version on the new Windows machine. It is experiencing the identical symptoms, as stated above, when compiling the same code that created the EXE in the ZIP file. This hopefully eliminatines any connections to the development machine except the way HE starts with AWM.

Thank you, we’ll look at your new sample.

Here are some screenshots from the example that will show the issues as well. I should have captured the area that overlaps on the second monitor. Just to confirm, these were captured from the fresh install of Windows 7 Pro x64.



As your looking at my submissions, I just copied the special build over to the new Windows installation and the results were identical as before, no difference.

Curious, aren’t the minimize/maximize functions part of the standard Windows API windows controls or are these modified because of the skinning capabilities?


So these problems seem to be related to use of multiple monitors and yes, the skin engine overrides minimize/maximize functions. Did you disable the skin’s window layer in all of your tests?

Yes, I believe I did. Disable Skin Effects is checked and No Skinnable Window is also checked. Could there be an option to completely remove the skins with one option?

I will test the EXE on a laptop as a single monitor. If my memory is correct, I also experienced this issue on a single monitor desktop.


I put together an EXE to show the screen and available window coordinates. It auto updates when resizing the main window. I was going to include the top and the left settings for the main window, but I’m not sure on how to get them, without using external resources. I just now discovered that is being blocked on my end. I will hold off sending the file for now. The previous file, uploaded, would show all the issues, discussed below.

I also tested this on a laptop with a single display. When you close the EXE in full screen mode and open the EXE again, it will appear to be in full screen mode, but hovering your mouse over the minimize/maximize button, it will show it is in window mode. Note, from the laptop with a single display, you cannot resize the window with the mouse. You are basically locked in full screen mode. With dual/multiple monitors, you can resize from the right, where it overlaps and then you will be allowed to resize from the top. You cannot resize from the left or the bottom of the window at that time.

Keep in mind, the issue only occurs when the EXE is closed in full screen mode. You can expand to full screen mode any number of times, just be sure you close the EXE in window mode, non full screen mode and you will never see the issue. Also note, when you do close the EXE in full screen mode, and reopen the EXE, the issue is seen because it is actually in the window mode and not full screen. You can verify by hovering your mouse, like the above, over the minimize/maximize button.

With the above, is it possible, I can get the variable names of the window coordinates that was last saved when exiting the EXE? I’m assuming that these will not change until you close the EXE the next time. We know the SetUIProp is for setting properties. Is there an equivalent to get the current property values, like GetUIProp? Again, I was hoping to include the top and left coordinates for the main window but I’m not sure how to it get them after it’s been compiled.

FYI, the reason, I used the OnCloseWindow prior to 4.7, OnCloseWindow not working in 4.7, was to help get around this problem. In my programs, the user could click on a button to capture the current main window settings through a call to an external resource that would allow them to always open the EXE program the same way each time, regardless where the main window settings were when it closed. When exiting the EXE, it would go to the OnCloseWindow procedure, hide the main window, set the main window settings from the variables through the SetUIProp functions, if they were set and lastly, execute ExitPublication to finish exiting. That worked great until 4.7. I haven’t tested the OnWindowCloseQuery as yet. I have a lot of testing to complete before deploying with 4.7 or above. I was hoping this issue was resolved but I’m relieved that you can see the issue, since nobody else seems to have the problem.


We got an update for the skin engine on multiple-monitors. Maybe this will help.
If doesn’t work anymore, you can also try dropbox or onedrive for instance.

Thanks for the update. Please reread the section on testing on the single display laptop. It’s basically the same symptoms when using on a dual monitor system, except you cannot resize the window on the laptop when it is closed in full screen mode.

The file can be downloaded, Follow the steps below.

Note: The WindowPos.exe will show the actual screen coordinates and will update the available window coordinates as you resize the window. It doesn’t change when it overlaps the second screen. I was hoping to show the left and top coordinates of the main window, but I’m not sure how with not adding an additional resources. I wanted to keep this simple.

  1. Unzip the
  2. Run the WindowPos.exe
  3. Maximize and Minimize the main window and then close
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 and still no issues
  5. Run the WindowPos.exe
  6. Maximize the main window and close while it is full screen. (This is the problem)
  7. Run the WindowPos.exe
    7a. This is where it overflows to the second monitor on a dual monitor system.
    7b. This is where you cannot access the main window borders to resize the main window with the mouse on a single display laptop.

Please verify if you get the same results as described. I’m willing to test again with the latest skin engine updates, as needed.

I had created the reset utility, but it doesn’t reset. It will reset inside HE. The PUB GUID is {F3B46F55-6D75-4821-8E21-F56A54266C7B}.

FYI, I can access again. It was being blocked by the third party DNS servers, OpenDNS, not by my ISP. It had popped up that it was being blocked unless I could explain otherwise. When I filled out their response, it showed a send failure, but it must of went through anyway.


Thank you, I downloaded the file. Will use it for debugging when we work on next release.