Create a toolbar button to copy and paste text

~ Ideally, I’d like to create a toolbar button to copy text to the clipboard. Is this possible? I see from the help file that this code is available:

procedure NavigateCommand(const Command: Integer);

and I know that 3 is the appropriate integer for Copy, but I don’t know where to put this code in relation to my toolbar button.

~ I’d also like to disable the Paste option in the context menu, as there would never be a reason for the user to paste something into the ebook. Is this possible?

~ I have created a toolbar button to take the user to a URL, but I don’t know how to make the target a popup window. This option is available for menu items. Is it not available for buttons?

  • Open your UserMain script (in the script editor) and paste this code:

    procedure MyButtonCopy;

Then, in the toolbar editor, choose your button, click “Execute this script function” and choose UserMain.MyButtonCopy

  • You can achieve this using the default security profile: in “Page Restrictions”, choose “Disable Paste command” (see

  • This feature will be available in HTMLExe 4. Until that, you have to rely on a HEScript script as explained above, but you would call ShowPopup instead of NavigateCommand.

Thank you! Your explanations were clear and everything works as I’d like it to.

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