Create update package for .exe program

This is going to sound very amateur but I’m having trouble understanding how to create an update package for my EXE program to upgrade users to the newest version. I created the setup package using the standard setup and it installs an EXE which is an compiled excel workbook. I’ve made changes to the workbook and want to release the update for my users to download via our website members section. Basically I need to know what I need to do in paquet builder to create the update package to execute the update as I can’t find exactly how to do it in the documentation. :slight_smile:

forgot to mention I’m using XLS padlock to compile my workbook

Basically, your package would be the same as the initial one, but you need to know the initial destination path. The best would be storing it with a custom action in the registry. Do you know how to use paquet builder’s custom actions?

Oh ok, I got a little literal and was looking for more than what was required. I’m not sure how to use the custom actions?

So do I create a brand new package or update the existing one? sorry I’m a little green lol

It would be better to use the existing installer so that when you run it, it overwrites the existing install.

We’ll write a tutorial in some days.

Great :slight_smile: can u let me know when it’s ready please :slight_smile: